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Briquetting Technologies : Charcoal Briquettes

CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES --- these are made from bio mass. These briquettes are the substitute for charcoal for the barbeque, kebabs and tandoor ovens where there is only red hot heat and no high flame.

  • Drying of raw materials to less than 5% moisture content. (flash drier)
  • Carbonizing the powdery raw material contact for the technology ---- adam + partnerindustrial design + appropriate technology consulting for renewable energy applicatication of the "adam-retort" for more environmentally friendly carbonization of biomass.P.O.Box 50108, Addis Abeba, ETHIOPIA www.biocoal.org
  • Mixing process --- the above charred raw material is mixed thoroughly with water , binder and fillers .
  • Briquetting process --- the above mixture is briquetted into the shapes of oval (Almond) , square pillow using roller presses.
  • Drying process-- The above formed briquettes are dried using sun drying , tunnel drier or batch type oven drier
  • Cooling process --- The dried briquettes are cooled on a conveyorised belt drier if tunnel drier is adopted In this process Binders are used, and the yield will be 25% of dried bio mass.

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